sabato, 02 agosto 2014


BDS Marble Associated is a group comprising of two companies operating in the marble sector for nearly 60 years.
The merger caters the companies, desire to offer our customers an exclusive service built on the  juxtaposition of the companies, distinct fortes - intensified by the collaboration with various renowned Architects and Interior Designers.
The experience which is constant research and selection of raw materials, both nationally and internationally, has allowed our BDS Italia to select and provide for its customers high quality standards of excellence gaining an important position in the field of residential design, hotel and urban regeneration.
In full compliance with the highest tradition of Italian craftsmanship, these companies follow the products by the careful selection in the caves, and installation of the material passing through all the intermediate stages of processing.
The ability of the BDS Italia comes from the ideal combination of tradition and technology the knowledge of the Italian artisans matured over time and the innovative techniques such as CNC 5 axis cutting system with water-jet, a new diamond wire profiling plant equipped with a 7 CNC controlled axes and unique backlight standing slabs of onyx stones and marbles, which gives a striking effect transparency.
Each product is subjected to polishing stone and treatments that can enhance the beauty and integrity of the stone over time.
The activity detection, verification measures and probation are the most critical phases of the entire process of manufacturing.
Hence our staff carefully examines each stage of the product in order to certify the best final outcome ensuring project results high precision. This mode of operation continues to inspire our work expressing charm, emotions and values that make our unique creations.